Festo is a leading supplier of automation solutions to the global markets serving over 180 countries.

With over 40 years of innovation in the United States and over 80 years globally, Festo is the manufacturer of choice for control valves, I/O and fieldbus control.  Our broad range of products and services span the full needs of the automation industry including cabinet design and energy reduction solutions.  Festo also offers a range of process valves, actuators, sensors, air preparation, and packaging components. 

Our dedication to the advancement of automation extends beyond technology to the education of current and future automation and robotic designers with simulation tools, teaching programs and on-site services.

From a component to a complete system consisting of drives, sensors, valves, a connector system and air preparation – Festo offers products, special and complete solutions for all sectors and production operations.

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High Flow Rate Solenoid Valve

Sturdy and with high flow rates – the new standard valve for your everyday tasks.

Manufacturing Control Cabinets Manufacturing Control Cabinets

Control solutions for simple to medium complexity electrical and/or pneumatic systems.

Process Automation Seminars and Workshops Process Automation Seminars and Workshops

Further training, with the objective of supporting people in companies to deal with current as well as future problems and provide them with new answers – that is the purpose of FestoDidactic.

Modular Production System – Transfer System Modular Production System – Transfer System

The MPS® transfer system has been developed for everyone who wants to make headway with training, be it for the electrical or metal trades or for training technicians and engineers in mechatronics.

Modular Production System – Combining Stations Modular Production System – Combining Stations

A new interface concept that offers many possibilities for direct combination of individual stations.

Manufacturing Pick&Place Stations Manufacturing Pick&Place Stations

The Pick&Place station is equipped with a two-axis Pick&Place module. Workpiece housings placed on the conveyor are detected by an optical diffuse sensor. The workpiece is transported to the pneumatic separator on the conveyor and detected by a second diffuse sensor. The Pick&Place module picks up a workpiece insert from the slide and places it on the workpiece housing. The complete workpiece (housing and insert) is released by the separator and transported to the end of the conveyor. A light barrier detects the workpiece at the end of the conveyor.

Directly Actuated Solenoid Valve VZWD Directly Actuated Solenoid Valve VZWD

Ideal for high pressures with low flow rates, the VZWD diaphragm valve operates without differential pressure at up to 90 bar, even in closed media circuits.

Servo-Controlled Solenoid Valve VZWP Servo-Controlled Solenoid Valve VZWP

The VZWP solenoid valves have the capability to control high pressures at large nominal sizes, thanks to sealing pistons instead of a diaphragm.

Force Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve VZWF Force Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve VZWF

The force pilot operated valves from the VZWF series can be operated without differential pressure, e.g. can be used in closed media circuits.

Solenoid Diaphragm Valves Solenoid Diaphragm Valves

Festo provides complete process automation solutions with a range of automated process valves, diaphragm valves, sensors and positioners.

Compressed Air Preparation Compressed Air Preparation

The right compressed air preparation system significantly increases the long service life of Festo components and systems – as well as the process and product reliability.

CPX Series I/O and Fieldbus Terminals CPX Series I/O and Fieldbus Terminals

CPX – the ideal platform for electrical peripherals. Perfect as a valve terminal partner or as remote I/O: electrical, open and direct.

Automation Concepts in Pharmaceutical Production Automation Concepts in Pharmaceutical Production

Festo provides special services to ensure reliable automation in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Many drug manufacturers and their suppliers are already satisfied customers who value this expertise.

Control Cabinet Solutions Control Cabinet Solutions

Build it yourself or have it built: it’s your decision. But we can give you good reasons to decide in favour of “having it built”.


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